Train to the Past!

I have seen spirits since I was a child. This was one of the most bizarre encounters I have ever had. My mom had just passed, I needed to go back east. I live in AZ. I always wanted to take a train ride across county, I started off in Flagstaff Az.

The train had two levels, a top level, where all the people stayed, and the bottom mainly for storage. I met a man named Steve, we hung out together, while going though New Mexico, we were passing though the different coaches. To go from one coach to the next coach, you need to hit a large button. We proceeded to enter the next coach, we were know longer on Amtrak, we were in an 1800 train with people from that time, or so I thought!

They were dressed in 1800 clothing, the train was small, leather seats, wood paneling. We were no longer on the upper level. Outside looked like mars, barren, red landscape. There was a man and woman, it was stange how they sat closely together. The man kept looking at the woman, trying to avoid me. He was dressed in old type western clothing.

The woman was very large, had a long tan dress on down to her ankles, with a ruffle shirt. She had a bonnet on her head. Hair was pulled back up in a bun. Her forehead was very large and came to a point at her chin. Her face had thick powder applied on it, her eyes were small and slanted close together. Her nose and mouth were small. Her fingers were very long, and pointed.

Steve stopped, turned around, and freaked out! He focused on the man. I was more focused on the woman. I stopped to talk to them, the woman turned her head, looked at me without a word. Her eyes were all black, with something moving in them. I stared into her eyes, it was telepathic. Time to move on! Steve left before me. Time stood still.

I asked Steve later, what he saw. He said that the inside of the train had wood carvings. The man worn black pants a button down shirt, had long black hair and a hat. What freaked him out, was the man had black eyes! This is what I saw also! I spoke with an Indian friend, he said we portaled. I will never forget this experience!