The Ghost On The Stairs


So, I’m convinced that every house I grew up in was somewhat haunted. The weirdest things would happen from doors shutting and nobody was in the room, to my mom’s jewelry being moved from her room to mine, odd sounds throughout the home, pictures flying off the wall and hanging in mid air, etc…

Two of the houses we lived in I felt had the most activity, or maybe just what I remember most. We use to live in front of a graveyard, and I HATED that house, it always creeped me out.

A little background who I think the “ghost” was…I’m born and raised in Charlotte, NC. My parents are from a small town just outside of there. My mom is an only child and sadly both of her parents died when she was a teenager, which means my brother nor I had the chance to know either one of them. My theory is the ghost that frequently visited us is my grandmother, mostly because most of the things that happened included things of my mom’s.

The scariest experience I had was when I was home for a weekend from college. My roommate had come home with me that weekend, we had gone out with some other Mars Hill College students that we’d gotten to be friends with in college. It was about 1:00 in the morning when we come home, everyone was asleep in the house.

As you walk in to my parents house the stairs are directly behind the front door, there is a long hallway leading towards the kitchen, with a bathroom in between. Lindsay (my roommate) says, “I’m going to get a drink of water and go to the bathroom and then I’ll head up to bed” I said, “OK, no problem, I’m going to lock up.”

It takes what, a second to lock 1 door, right? All of a sudden, I hear something that sounds like someone is coming down the stairs. I think to myself, it is physically impossible for Lindsay to get a drink of water, go to the bathroom, and already be heading upstairs in the short amount of time it takes to lock the door. So, I turn to see what the  heck, thinking maybe it was my brother trying to scare us.

About 1/2 way up the stairs I see the apparition from right above the knee down, barefoot and in a dress. About this same time Lindsay comes from the kitchen, needless to say I’m frozen and scared. She said “What’s wrong, you look like you’ve seen a ghost” I couldn’t do anything but point, and think to myself, I have seen a ghost, holy crap! She rushes over and sees the same thing.

We just look at each other like we don’t know what to do…are we crazy, should we go upstairs, or should we leave? It was hands down the craziest thing I’ve every experienced.

Ever since then, nothing odd has happened, I haven’t lived at home with parents in years, but I did live in that house for a while after that. I’m a true believer in the paranormal.

Being that this ghost was in a dress, it made me think even more that it was my grandmother. I’d like to think she was just checking in on us, since she never had the chance to know us. Now that I’ve seen her, I think she knows we are OK, and has left us alone, also my mom is the only one that never experienced anything weird…she thinks we are all crazy! ¬†=)