A Ghost to Watch Over Me


In 1999, me and my family were living in an old mobile home . It was my mom, my dad, my little brother and I. We were renting the home from a pair of siblings that had inherited the home from their deceased mother.

They let us know she had passed in the home peacefully of old age . We never really thought it would be as crazy an experience but it was.

After a few months living there my mom was at the time 6-7 months pregnant, I was 8. My dad was gone for days at a time for he was a construction worker and traveled for jobs . In the middle of the day or the middle of the night the bathroom door would open , the toilet would flush , and the lights would turn on and off.

Sometimes things would go missing and would be misplaced . My mom would put a cup down and would walk away for a few minutes and come back the the cup would be moved . She would try to find logical explanations for the occurrences but you couldn’t explain that.

A few more months and my baby brother was born . The weird occurrences didn’t stop they only grew and it got weirder . My little brother being a baby would sit in his baby swing and it seemed that he was “baby talking ” to someone . He had direct eye contact with someone but there was no one there.

He’d giggle and laugh and put his little arms up for “up” as if someone was trying to hold him . In this particular picture you can see me and my baby brother laughing and around the picture there is a weird glare which we knew was probably because of the mirror on our wall.

image image 2

But what we couldn’t explain was the clear appearance of our friendly ghost . You can clearly see the face of an older woman smiling down at us.

Creepy right?

We never noticed until a few years later in 2011 when we were moving and the picture caught my eye . I’ve kept it with me since then to show anyone who doesn’t believe in ghost , that there really is a life past death.