A Ghost to Watch Over Me


In 1999, me and my family were living in an old mobile home . It was my mom, my dad, my little brother and I. We were renting the home from a pair of siblings that had inherited the home from their deceased mother.

They let us know she had passed in the home peacefully of old age . We never really thought it would be as crazy an experience but it was.

After a few months living there my mom was at the time 6-7 months pregnant, I was 8. My dad was gone for days at a time for he was a construction worker and traveled for jobs . In the middle of the day or the middle of the night the bathroom door would open , the toilet would flush , and the lights would turn on and off.

Sometimes things would go missing and would be misplaced . My mom would put a cup down and would walk away for a few minutes and come back the the cup would be moved . She would try to find logical explanations for the occurrences but you couldn’t explain that.

A few more months and my baby brother was born . The weird occurrences didn’t stop they only grew and it got weirder . My little brother being a baby would sit in his baby swing and it seemed that he was “baby talking ” to someone . He had direct eye contact with someone but there was no one there.

He’d giggle and laugh and put his little arms up for “up” as if someone was trying to hold him . In this particular picture you can see me and my baby brother laughing and around the picture there is a weird glare which we knew was probably because of the mirror on our wall.

image image 2

But what we couldn’t explain was the clear appearance of our friendly ghost . You can clearly see the face of an older woman smiling down at us.

Creepy right?

We never noticed until a few years later in 2011 when we were moving and the picture caught my eye . I’ve kept it with me since then to show anyone who doesn’t believe in ghost , that there really is a life past death.


The Ghost On The Stairs


So, I’m convinced that every house I grew up in was somewhat haunted. The weirdest things would happen from doors shutting and nobody was in the room, to my mom’s jewelry being moved from her room to mine, odd sounds throughout the home, pictures flying off the wall and hanging in mid air, etc…

Two of the houses we lived in I felt had the most activity, or maybe just what I remember most. We use to live in front of a graveyard, and I HATED that house, it always creeped me out.

A little background who I think the “ghost” was…I’m born and raised in Charlotte, NC. My parents are from a small town just outside of there. My mom is an only child and sadly both of her parents died when she was a teenager, which means my brother nor I had the chance to know either one of them. My theory is the ghost that frequently visited us is my grandmother, mostly because most of the things that happened included things of my mom’s.

The scariest experience I had was when I was home for a weekend from college. My roommate had come home with me that weekend, we had gone out with some other Mars Hill College students that we’d gotten to be friends with in college. It was about 1:00 in the morning when we come home, everyone was asleep in the house.

As you walk in to my parents house the stairs are directly behind the front door, there is a long hallway leading towards the kitchen, with a bathroom in between. Lindsay (my roommate) says, “I’m going to get a drink of water and go to the bathroom and then I’ll head up to bed” I said, “OK, no problem, I’m going to lock up.”

It takes what, a second to lock 1 door, right? All of a sudden, I hear something that sounds like someone is coming down the stairs. I think to myself, it is physically impossible for Lindsay to get a drink of water, go to the bathroom, and already be heading upstairs in the short amount of time it takes to lock the door. So, I turn to see what the  heck, thinking maybe it was my brother trying to scare us.

About 1/2 way up the stairs I see the apparition from right above the knee down, barefoot and in a dress. About this same time Lindsay comes from the kitchen, needless to say I’m frozen and scared. She said “What’s wrong, you look like you’ve seen a ghost” I couldn’t do anything but point, and think to myself, I have seen a ghost, holy crap! She rushes over and sees the same thing.

We just look at each other like we don’t know what to do…are we crazy, should we go upstairs, or should we leave? It was hands down the craziest thing I’ve every experienced.

Ever since then, nothing odd has happened, I haven’t lived at home with parents in years, but I did live in that house for a while after that. I’m a true believer in the paranormal.

Being that this ghost was in a dress, it made me think even more that it was my grandmother. I’d like to think she was just checking in on us, since she never had the chance to know us. Now that I’ve seen her, I think she knows we are OK, and has left us alone, also my mom is the only one that never experienced anything weird…she thinks we are all crazy!  =)


The Hair-Pulling Ghost


In 2009 my husband and I visited the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia.  We took the 2 hour tour of the first floor and the Civil War Wing.  The tour was very cool and thorough.  At one point we were in the kitchen area of the Civil War Wing when our guide told us to look around for a moment on our own while she answered a bleep on her walkie talkie.

So I meandered alone into a small nook of a hallway in the back of the room.  All of the sudden I was FREEZING and I felt very wrong.  I just felt like someone was mad at me and that I was somewhere that I wasn’t supposed to be.  I quickly scampered back to my husband and he asked if I was ok.

We were gathered up by the tour guide and everyone started heading down the hall to continue the tour.  My husband and I were the very last people in the group with no one behind us when suddenly my ponytail was pulled so hard that my head actually snapped backward.  I exclaimed in pain and asked my husband why he did that.  He told me he hadn’t done anything and sure enough his hands were BOTH holding a map in front of him and he was a good 2-3 feet away from me.

When we stopped again a few seconds later, the guide told us that the Civil War Wing, and the kitchen area in particular are known for an angry spirit named Jack who has shown up in many evp recordings.  She told us that he is particularly known for pulling hair!

To this day I 100% believe that it was Jack that pulled my hair.  There was literally no one behind us.  I can’t think of any other explanation.  I wasn’t against a wall so it wasn’t like it could have gotten snagged on anything.  Very creepy indeed!


Ghostly Household


I believe my house is haunted, but i wonder if it is because I live next door to an old 1982 Presbyterian Church that was later turned into a Youth Center.

I had my webcam on my laptop turned on since I had been hearing strange knocks, taps, whispers coming from my living room when I am not in the room.

The first picture that was taken at 9:35pm using a form of motion sensor which seemed to pick up what appears to be a little child near the table my laptop was sitting on.


At 9:40pm the montion sensor also picked up what appeared to be a teenage or adult woman near the far left by the window looking either at the laptop or towards my kitchen.


I’m amazed about how well my laptops camera managed to snapshot these and would like to know more.


A Message From Beyond!


I’ve had several experiences of loved ones visiting me in my dreams after passing. However, there is one experience that really stands out. It is the time a loved one visited another person in a dream and asked them to relay a message to me. Let me tell you what happened, and maybe you can give some input on the “why” of it all.

When I was born, my grandmother was only fifty years old. She didn’t feel like she was old enough to be a grandma and chose the title, Memaw. Memaw is a pretty common name for a grandma in North Carolina where I grew up. I spent summers staying with her and loved my time with her. We were always very close.

I remember when I was 16, my Papa, Memaw’s husband, was dying. I went with the family to spend the night at her house because we knew he wasn’t doing well. Memaw woke me in the middle of the night and whispered to me “Papa’s passing. Come back with me!” I walked back with her and we stood beside my Papa as he took his last breath. I sat with him while arrangements were made to take him from the house.

I feel that experience of seeing a loved one pass over with my Memaw brought us even closer together. Papa visited me later that week. I was close to him as well. The story of his visitation in my room after his passing is one worth telling, however, I want to save it for another time. I want to tell you about my Memaw’s visit.

Memaw lived over 14 years after my Papa passed. We stayed close. I was living in Chicago when she died, and I just knew that she would visit in a dream or even in a waking moment. I had been visited by others who passed in my family, so I really didn’t doubt she would stop in to give me love as she was crossing over.

A couple nights after she passed, I was a bit disappointed that she had not visited. My wife and I were flying out to North Carolina for the funeral, and I talked to her about my disappointment. Although I was saddened, I knew that Memaw and I were so close in life, one more visit would not mean we had any more or less love than what we had already shared. Still, I felt a void.

When we flew into Charlotte, my dad picked us up at the airport along with my niece who was probably about 12 years old at the time. She was sitting in the front with my dad , and my wife and I were in the back.

As we pulled away from the airport to head to the family home, my niece told us, “Memaw came and visited me in a dream the other night! She told me she loved me!” My niece then turned back to me and said, “And she told me to tell you she’s sorry she couldn’t visit you, but she loves you!”

My wife and I just looked at each other astonished. We had not said anything about my disappointment at not being visited by Memaw in front of our niece. We had not even discussed visitations from those who have passed with her.

I don’t know why Memaw couldn’t visit me. Maybe she had limited time or capabilities, and she felt my young niece needed her more. Maybe it is something totally different. Either way, I was so happy to get her message and so thankful my niece had been comforted.

I love you Memaw!

-Think Haunted

Train to the Past!

I have seen spirits since I was a child. This was one of the most bizarre encounters I have ever had. My mom had just passed, I needed to go back east. I live in AZ. I always wanted to take a train ride across county, I started off in Flagstaff Az.

The train had two levels, a top level, where all the people stayed, and the bottom mainly for storage. I met a man named Steve, we hung out together, while going though New Mexico, we were passing though the different coaches. To go from one coach to the next coach, you need to hit a large button. We proceeded to enter the next coach, we were know longer on Amtrak, we were in an 1800 train with people from that time, or so I thought!

They were dressed in 1800 clothing, the train was small, leather seats, wood paneling. We were no longer on the upper level. Outside looked like mars, barren, red landscape. There was a man and woman, it was stange how they sat closely together. The man kept looking at the woman, trying to avoid me. He was dressed in old type western clothing.

The woman was very large, had a long tan dress on down to her ankles, with a ruffle shirt. She had a bonnet on her head. Hair was pulled back up in a bun. Her forehead was very large and came to a point at her chin. Her face had thick powder applied on it, her eyes were small and slanted close together. Her nose and mouth were small. Her fingers were very long, and pointed.

Steve stopped, turned around, and freaked out! He focused on the man. I was more focused on the woman. I stopped to talk to them, the woman turned her head, looked at me without a word. Her eyes were all black, with something moving in them. I stared into her eyes, it was telepathic. Time to move on! Steve left before me. Time stood still.

I asked Steve later, what he saw. He said that the inside of the train had wood carvings. The man worn black pants a button down shirt, had long black hair and a hat. What freaked him out, was the man had black eyes! This is what I saw also! I spoke with an Indian friend, he said we portaled. I will never forget this experience!


You Are Not Alone!


I am excited to make my first post on this site as a moderator of Think Haunted. I have always been curious about the supernatural. I am a religious person, and a spiritual person, however, in my mind, I’ve always thought of “ghosts” and “spirits” as separate entities. To me, the spirit or soul of a person is what goes on into the afterlife. I have always thought of the “ghost” of a person to be the shadow of energy left behind from a person’s existence. Of course, this is just my own mind reasoning how these things work. I have no scientific proof and am not a scientist. I am on a mission however, to research how we rationalize the existence or non-existence of ghosts.

I know this part of our new site is here just for true first-hand stories and not theory, however, as the creator of the site, I want you to know where I am coming from and where I am trying to go. I want to hear your experiences, and I want to encourage you to comment on the experiences you read of others. Let’s have discussions about these events, if they happen, why they happen, how they happen and what is happening. This is a place where you will discover you are not alone in experiences. It is a place where you can search with others for meaning behind experiences you have had. Welcome!