You Are Not Alone!


I am excited to make my first post on this site as a moderator of Think Haunted. I have always been curious about the supernatural. I am a religious person, and a spiritual person, however, in my mind, I’ve always thought of “ghosts” and “spirits” as separate entities. To me, the spirit or soul of a person is what goes on into the afterlife. I have always thought of the “ghost” of a person to be the shadow of energy left behind from a person’s existence. Of course, this is just my own mind reasoning how these things work. I have no scientific proof and am not a scientist. I am on a mission however, to research how we rationalize the existence or non-existence of ghosts.

I know this part of our new site is here just for true first-hand stories and not theory, however, as the creator of the site, I want you to know where I am coming from and where I am trying to go. I want to hear your experiences, and I want to encourage you to comment on the experiences you read of others. Let’s have discussions about these events, if they happen, why they happen, how they happen and what is happening. This is a place where you will discover you are not alone in experiences. It is a place where you can search with others for meaning behind experiences you have had. Welcome!